Glad to report that Jay finished his studio redo, and we’re back on track with our weekly rehearsals! We took about 4 months off so Jay could add soundproofing and insulation to the walls, as well as raising the tile ceiling 6 inches, which really makes the room look way bigger. We’ve also adjusted our sound level for rehearsals, bringing the volume down quiet a bit than before, saving our gear, and ears, from unnecessary wear and tear.

Looking forward to begin rehearsals with Alex Cora next week, for a joint J/S and Purposeful Porpoise project that’s been in the works for quite a while. Jammed with Alex last week, and worked on King Crimson’s “Frame by Frame,” and Jeff Beck’s “Blue Wind,” in addition to Alex’s original tunes. Can’t wait for the three of us to jam together for the first time. Check back next week for the update!!

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