The recording process of “The SICK Trilogy” has been going quite well, and we’re learning a ton with each road-block that we encounter… from technical issues, to how the hell I wrote some of these riffs! Since I’m going through my pedal board and amp, then direct into the computer, just like I do on the live shows, I’m running my signal mono, which means I can’t split the higher 4 melody strings from the lower 4 bass strings, and have two individual tracks for both, recording simultaneously. To have maximum control of the higher and lower register of my NS/Stick, I’m recording the bass parts of a riff with the melody volume turned to zero, recording the bass, then reversing the process by recording the melody part of the riff with the bass volume turned to zero. Got that? This makes me have to break-down what I’m playing on just the melody and bass, and record them separately, but make them sound as if I’m playing them together as I always have. Cool thing about this is realizing exactly what each hand is playing by itself, and how they interact together to make each riff sound the way it does. This also makes the recording process twice as long to complete, but the reward will be appreciated during the mixing/editing passes.

Here are a few short video clips of “SICK!” which shows what I’m talking about:  

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