Finally, Jay and I have started recording “The SICK Trilogy… A Tale of Tainted Raw Kibbeh.” Part I of the Trilogy is “SICK!,” a song I wrote in 2001, and have played numerous times since, and a fan favorite. When I finished writing the song, I didn’t have a title for it, and played it for a friend who was visiting. After he listened to it, he said, “Man, that’s sick!” The first time I played it live was with JIBILIAN/GLASS, at our Sunday residency at The Music Menu in Detroit. I announced to the crowd that we didn’t have a title for the tune, and after we finished playing it, the waiter, Jay, yelled out, “That song is SICK!!” After that moment, it was obvious to me that the tune must be titled, “SICK!”

I had the “getting sick by eating tainted raw kibbeh” concept for this one song, but after moving to L.A. in 2005, and hooking up with Jay Setar, I had the idea of turning the tune into a trilogy. I wrote Part II, “Prognosis,” which we have played live a handful of times throughout the years, and then the 30 minute epic Part III, “Cure,” which we have never played live, and a tune that we have to re-learn before we begin recording it. 

I’ll be posting the progress of our recordings on this page, so check back often for the updates. Check out the playback of my pre-solo in “Prognosis,” HERE.

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