A few months ago, Jay broke his little toe on his right foot, putting him out of commission to play for about a month. He made a full recovery, and nailed the DiPiazza’s show on July 30th. A few weeks later, he slipped on a piece of sheet music which his 93 year young dad had left on the studio floor (in addition to a few hundred pieces of sheet music which covered the rest of the floor, along with the cases they were stored in), and sprained his left wrist! This new injury sidelined Jay for another three weeks, and we had a few “therapy rehearsals” last week, testing out the wrist to make sure he could start playing again. He’s getting better each day, as long as he doesn’t play like his usual, Nutso, self! He survived a Jewish wedding gig last Sunday, which is a great indicator of recovery, and we’re back to our regular weekly rehearsals. 🙂 

I’ve been taking advantage of the downtime by working on recording new video content for my Youtube channel, and hope to publish them soon. It takes a ton of time to experiment with the proper lighting, audio, cameras, editing for both video and audio (recording in my DAW, then importing to my video editing software), rendering/saving, uploading to Youtube, then watching the video and realizing I’m not happy with the final result, and know I can do a better job. I’m still in the research/testing mode, but getting closer with each pass, and learning a ton of great info on how to produce a decent video. I’ll announce when I have new videos on my News page as soon as I have new content, but until then, you can check out my current videos here, and please subscribe to my channel so you can get notifications of new vids, as they become available.

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