“I just saw Gary open for Buckethead last night. It was the most amazing show, I bought the CD and listened to it about 10 times already. Jibilian must be one of the great musicians of our time. For a two piece band it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen/heard.” – –  Andrew Zane, Rochester, MI

 “Gary is THE MAN. I had the opportunity to see this madman open for The Tony Levin Band in Ferndale, MI. In my opinion, Gary stole the show.

A drummer and a long-hair with a NS/Stick (a strange,  8-string, Bass meets Guitar meets Godzilla) take the stage and proceed to kick out a groove, then layer upon layer upon layer of mind blowing riffs and solos. Gary has a wonderful sense of melody, so much so that he’ll play two or three at a time in a frenzy of fingers tapping with no regard for bystanders. It’s just amazing, the technical ability and musicianship that this one man has.

I suggest you listen to the songs provided later in this article, but more so, if you ever get a chance, you must see him play live to truly understand the mesmerizing power that is Jibilian.”  – –  The Next Big Thing, By John “Koggie” Kotzian

“Thursday night, a couple friends and I went to the Magic Bag to see The Tony Levin Band. I cannot remember the last time I sat with my jaw in my lap at an opening band (must be Marillion opening for RUSH at Radio City in ’83) but Gary Jibilian absolutely blew me away!

This dude has chops, feel and imagination that are awesome. GREAT tunes, GREAT work on the stick and a very strong stage presence.

Tony Levin even commented on Gary during his set along with raving about him after the show in the lobby of the Magic Bag.

If you haven’t checked this guy out yet, don’t wait! This guy is an absolute MUST SEE!” – – Ghostrider, Michigan

“Words do not describe Gary. This man is INCREDIBLE!!! He is his own bands. He calls Detroit home, but it won’t be long before he owns the world. He plays an instrument called the NS Stick. There may be maybe a handful of people that play the NS Stick in the world, but no one plays it like Gary. Gary, a super nice/quiet guy who lets his music talk for him. He plays something that resembles a bass guitar but with 8 strings. One hand tapping the four bass strings for a rhythm while playing leads with the other hand, plus sequencing some loops with his foot. That is some true talent.”– – Tom Race, Lake FX Radio, Muskegon Community College, MI. (Review of the Summer Meltdown/Mayfest, May 15, 2004)

“Just finished listening to your mp3 files, holy shit!! very impressive. I recently discovered the Chapman stick and at age 34, after twenty-four years from the time I took guitar lessons, I am inspired beyond belief to learn how to play music. Thank you for the inspiration!”– – Bill Wilkinson, Internet Fan

“Jibilian/Glass give a whole new meaning to “drum ‘n bass.” Not the electronic dance music you might expect, but a totally organic product that is largely (and gleefully) un-danceable. This is music to listen to. Gary Jibilian takes good advantage of what his “superbass” (The NS/Stick) has to offer, tapping out two handed riffs so tight within themselves that they should make most guitar and bass rhythm sections jealous. Todd Glass adds the only missing element to this rhythm section with some tight and focused drumming. Most tracks obviously spring from Gary’s ideas, but a few such as Escape from Zulu Death March find the two players so united in purpose it’s hard to tell who started things rolling. All in all, a fun introduction to a group with a lot of potential.” – – Tom Griesgraber, World Music Radio, San Diego, CA

 “Jibilian/Glass have come up with a well produced CD containing seven “ripping” songs utilizing the N/S Stick. These songs lend themselves perfectly for use in television and film projects. We like “Escape From Zulu Death March” and “In Memory of Doris Oliver” in particular”. – – Mike Wyner, Talent Director NOMA Music, Burbank, CA

(Kelly Brown kicked-off her “Homeboy” show saying this about us…)

“JIBILIAN/GLASS is doing something nobody else is doing. A very unique sound. A very unique instrument. Gary is mastering the NS/Stick, and a ton of people are loving what they are doing, especially at their live shows.” – – Kelly Brown, 8-12-01, CIMX (100,000 watt commercial FM station) Windsor, Ontario

“This Michigan duo will fool you into sounding like a quartet. A neutral mix of The Trey Gunn Band and Robert Fripp’s ProjecKt Two. If you ever wondered what Les Claypool might sound like playing the stick, then Gary Jibilian is the answer to that very question. The drummer mixes it up like Ian Paice of Deep Purple…jazzy and rocky.  An exceptional debut recording! 4 out of 5 stars.”  – – Julian A. Belanger, Host of “RetroActive” CJAM 91.5 FM, Windsor, Ontario

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