I’d like to thank everyone who showed their support, and love, by helping me celebrate my Birthday, last Saturday at DiPiazza’s, Long Beach!! The turnout was great, Jay and I felt like we played a decent set, and the after-hang was a blast. Big thanks to Mark DiPiazza for having us return to rock the house, and to Chris for providing his magical mix to the crowd. We’re hoping to do it all again next year, so mark Saturday, July 28th on your calendar. 

Thanks to the Rings for the killer bottle of wine, and the Fender guitar neck holder, and to my lifelong brothers, Mark and Ed, who surprised me by painting their faces with King Diamond makeup!! Another awesome gift was from Zac at Saban Theater, who invited JIBILIAN/SETAR to open for Larry Carlton, Sunday, September 3rd!! Get your discounted tickets from me ($28, instead of $38), by sending an email to gary@garyjibilian.com; include “Larry Carlton Discounted Tickets” in the subject line, and I’ll send you payment options. 

See you at the Saban Theater, on Sept.3rd!! You don’t want to miss this show!!

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