Had a blast last Friday, at the 2nd screening of Bob Nalbandian’s 2nd installation of “Inside Metal… The LA Metal Scene Explodes,” at one of the coolest venues in LA, The C.I.A. (California Institute of Abnormal Arts)!! Thanks to Bob for choosing to use my tune, “Anti-Gravity,” in his documentary (Disk 1 of 2, during Stephen Pearcy’s interview), and thanks to my cousin, Chris Nalbandian, for making me aware of my tune in the film, during the screening; yeah, I need people to point this stuff out to me, then I go, “Oh, yeah! There it is!!” Haa!!

The C.I.A. is such an amazing, unique, venue in LA, which has the feel of a morph of live concert venue/carnival freak-show! The owner, Carl, is a trip, and proudly gives a tour of his oddities to whoever wants to partake in the fascinating, weird, displays which sprinkle throughout his maze of a venue. I highly recommend anyone in the LA area to go there, no matter who’s playing, and absorb the kooky vibe of the place. Great place to take someone who’s visiting from out-of-town!

The bands that were playing in the live room were amazing!! Once of them were Giant Llama, who reminded me of Animals as Leaders, without solos, and I hope to do some J/S shows with them in the future. Hope to post a show with them in the near future!! 

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