Sorry for disappearing for most of this year, but since all this Covid catastrophe crap started, as well as the rioting, distrust of the media, seeing what I’ve been researching for decades coming to fruition in such a short period of time, and having FB delete my account/s for “violating their guidlines,” I just didn’t have it in me to want to update my blog… until now. 🙂 So, back in April of this year, my email got hacked, and my FB account got hacked as well. Someone charged my credit card $25 (had my card info on file to promote live shows), which my bank informed me of, and they listed it as fraud and didn’t charge my account. FB sent me an email stating that my account was accessed by an unknown party, and to reset my password. When I tried to do so, it wouldn’t let me, and that my account was now blocked, and they will contact me with further instructions soon.

A week went by, and still no word from FB. I found the link on their “Help” section, about reporting that my account has been hacked. I filled-out the info, including my default pic to prove my identity (they required this), and within five minutes, received an email from FB stating that they checked out my site, and found that I had violated their guidlines, and have to permanently delete my account. WTF??? I was thinking of what the hell did I recently post that would cause this mess… was it the Youtube video a few weeks back that I posted of 80’s Detroit rock bands?? No, couldn’t be those. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks… about a week before this mess, I posted a simple question, with no links, “Anyone hip to Event 201?” Within 10 minutes, I had people responding with thumbs down, and posting Youtube links about Event 201 in the feed. I hardly ever post any conspiracy topics on FB, and I know a ton of other people that do till this day, and their accounts haven’t been deleted. Am I looked at as a person who’s spreading “fake news?” Am I a danger for engaging people to respond to my question about Event 201? This is one of the things they talk about in the video of the “simulation,” where they have to shut people up about spreading misinformation (or exposing the truth). I urge you to watch the video HERE, about this real simulation that took place, 6 weeks before the first report of Covid-19 from Wuhan was reported. It’s the playbook of what’s been happening this entire time. I wonder if FB themselves hacked my account and charged my credit card $25? 

You can follow me on Twitter for now, and add to my pathetically low number of followers. LOL! I may open another FB and IG account in the future, but have to admit that it feels really good to not check those sites numerous times a day, especially when I know what most people are posting without seeing it… ripping politics and religion apart, for or against wearing masks, vaccines, riots, who’s lives matter and who’s lives don’t… I’m sick of it, and it’s nice to take a break from it all. Best thing about it is that FB and IG can’t track my ass anymore! 🙂

I wish you all a healthy, and safe, 2020. Can’t wait for 2021… ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa

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