Sorry folks, but I regret to inform you that the Dixie Dregs show at The Canyon Agoura Hills, 4-21-18, is now an “evening with,” which means, no opening acts/appetizers… just the main course. The club booker gave me the go ahead to promote the show a few weeks ago, which was approved by the band’s booking agent, but the band’s manager decided to have no openers, so  that’s that. For those who bought tickets up till today, your money will not only be refunded, but the club is going to hook you up with a free ticket, as an apology for the mix-up. I will contact all who bought tickets with further details as they become available. Sorry about the confusion, and looking forward to working with Sterling Venues in the near future… fingers crossed. 

Don’t forget to get your tickets for “Get Riffed” at The Federal, North Hollywood, on Friday, Jan.12th, 8pm!! J/S will be rockin’ a few tunes at this amazing event! 

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