The NS/Stick™ is an 8-string fretboard tapping instrument and the product of a collaboration between Emmett Chapman (creator of the Stick®) and Ned Steinberger (creator of the Steinberger Bass and many other instruments). This instrument incorporates a number of ideas from both The Stick® (the tapping fretboard) and the Steinberger Bass (the knee bar, headless design), as well as some completely new ideas as a guitarbass that can be tapped and plucked. The NS/Stick™ is available from Stick Enterprises and available through this website. If you are interested in learning how to play this instrument or require additional information, there is no one better than Gary Jibilian to help you master this amazing instrument!  Simply complete the form below or Contact Our Office for details.  A member of our staff will assist you promptly!


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