The debut of J/S/C at Stick Night last night was amazing!! We had such a great time, and all of the artists sounded superb. Major thanks to Gene Perry for putting the event together, and for the cooler-full of delicious Stone Brewery beers!!! Great to hear Gene, Vladamir Gurevich, and Emmett Chapman play the Stick in their own, original, way, and fun for me to show off my bass playing techniques on the NS/Stick, in a Trio setting, with Alex taking care of the higher register, and allowing me to focus on the low end, and groove with Jay. I just saw some video clips of our set posted on Facebook

Make sure you check us out next Friday, June 3rd at West End Tavern in Chatsworth. J/S/C play a set at 8pm, then I switch to my 5 string and play the rest of the night with Patrick Marsh Band, with Jay continuing the bombardment on the tubs! Details about the show are HERE!!

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