Major thanks to all that helped JIBILIAN/SETAR climb up to #1 in the Reverbnation charts, in the “Instrumental” category!! We really appreciate your support!!  

Jay and I would also like to thank everyone that came out to our show last Saturday, Feb. 27th, at Paladino’s! We took the longest rehearsal break in our history (3 months), and didn’t know the extent of train-wrecks we would encounter. We played a decent set, considering this absence of jamming together, and the biggest trouble we encountered was getting off the two loop sections in “Images of Ghosts,” where I solo in each section. We were able to get back onto the loop horse, and finished the set with this tune. Overall, we had a great time jamming, and glad we put in the time throughout the years of rehearsing once a week, just to remember the many changes to our tunes!! 🙂 Sign up for the Mailing List, for all the details on our next show. 

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