• NS/Stick Artist

• Bassist

• Instructor 

• Luthier at Stick Enterprises

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gary-jib-troub-main Gary Jibilian is known as an NS/Stick Master! Not only does he play it, he also builds and creates NS/Sticks for other musicians at Stick Enterprises! As a trained luthier, Gary is renowned for his incorporation of bass technique and guitar tapping skills.  To learn more about Gary and his amazing music! …  CLICK HERE  !!!  



  • Next J/S Show, Oct.11th, 2019 at UBG, NoHo, 10pm, $7 Cover!!
  • J/S Opening for Geoff Tate’s “Operation Mindcrime,” Sun., August 19 at The Rose, 8pm!!
  • JIBILIAN/SETAR Honored to be part of “Get Riffed,” Fri., Jan.12 at The Federal, 8pm!!
  • Opening for Percy Jones/Brand X, Nov.16th 2017, The Canyon Santa Clarita!!
  • JIBILIAN/SETAR Opening for Larry Carlton, Sept.3rd 2017!! 
  • Gary’s B-Day Show, Sat., July 29th 2017, 9pm at DiPiazza’s, Long Beach!!
  • JIBILIAN/SETAR/CORA w/Patrick Marsh Band at West End Tavern, Chatsworth, June 3rd
  • Debut Set of JIBILIAN/SETAR/CORA at Stick Night Concert, May, 27
  • JIBILIAN/SETAR Playing the Mint! – Nov. 21st, 7:45pm

Anti-Body Reactor 3-song studio CD – Engineered by Ronan Murphy (King Crimson, Bozzio/Levin/Stevens) + 2 Live Bonus Tracks!  ORDER NOW !!! 

Live at The Unknown Theater DVD – Jibilian/Setar WSG/Interpretive Artist, Norton Wisdom – Available for worldwide shipping! …  ORDER NOW !!! 

Interested in NS/Stick Lessons? Gary is your man! He provides complete, comprehensive, instructional training.  To learn more about this great instruction opportunity!   CLICK HERE  !!!

 What’s happening at Find out about show dates, news, events and other great info! ➡   SIGN UP FOR GARY’S MAILING LIST !!!   




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