Ladies and Gentlemen…. RUSH!  Rush Concert 2015 Los Angeles… AMAZING!!

Gary & Jay Killin’ It at the Roar Room, Aug 2015 – Web Guy Sneakin’ a Photo Op – Great Show!

Boe Skadeland, Robert Pag and Gary – Bassists Unite!

Instead, MORE CABBAGE …. Yummm 🙄 

Alex Cora Band…. GJ Photobomb!

Is This An Awesome Cake, or What???

Stickists Unite!
What a Talented Group!

Getting crazy at The Mint!! 

You and What Army, Buddy?? Oh.. the KISS Army! Or is that KISS Fireman?

Gary and Guitarist Tony Burnet Shakin’ Up NAMM

Gary and Nicko McBrain!!!

The Enigma!!!

Metal Rules!!!

Bi-coastal Armenians! Gary with Laura Zotain – NAMM 2013

Gary With Charlie Zeigler – MOSH! NAMM 2013

Mind If I Borrow Your Copy?

Get Me To The Show On Time!
Zombilian 😀 

And Now For Something Completely Different…
Time For a Drastic Change!

Holding Down the Back Forty!
Sherman Oaks, CA

The Ultimate
Fan Testimonial!

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